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Convenient Snack Services by Snacks in a Snap in Detroit, MI

Contact us today to learn more about our professional vending machine accommodations.

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About Us

Snacks in a Snap offers quick, accessible snack services for customers in Detroit, MI. We provide everything from juice to chips, supplying every sweet and savory treat you might need throughout the day.

Vending Machine Services

We keep your vending machine stocked with all of the best treats and snacks, regardless of your cravings.

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Our team supplies a wide variety of soda brands and flavors to meet the diverse preferences of our clients.


We stock your vending machines full of your favorite name-brand candies for those looking for a sweet treat to break up the day.

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Snacks in a Snap also specialize in salty and savory accommodations, with an extensive selection of chip flavors in Detroit, MI.

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What Clients Say

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